One Secret That They Will Never Reveal To You

You want to start a business and you look for opportunities or already have one to promote. You search for options and numerous appear. Everybody is so eager to tell you his secret. Each of them seems to hold a magic wand that will scale your business to new unimaginable heights.

You are tempted. After all they are internet gurus. You buy the offer. Do you get something that you expected? Nope.

You can go on buying those secrets. Some of them could be helpful in understanding the internet and changing your outlook but none of them holds the magic wand that will boost your site traffic or bring you the phenomenal sales you expect to cash when you buy ‘the secret’. You try next and you are committing same mistake. Why?

Because they will never tell you this secret- “There is Actually NO Secret”. You can work well without those so called secrets people want to take off their chest for a small (Is that small?) money from your pocket.

Whatever new revelation they might announce, basic rules of the game stay same. Those can be learnt without a dime.

For a business you need a product, a site that will sell that and promotion of your website or product. As for as product is concerned there is no magical product. One needs to search his market and choose his product whether it is his own product or an affiliate program.

A website hosting is available for a small price or even free though later option is not desirable if you are in business. Website can be developed easily with WYSIWYG editors like FrontPage. You will require HTML later but that can be learnt on the way.

Now we come to traffic. It is arena where most of the secrets are being claimed and each one comes with a unique theory. So many that mind boggles where to start. Again concentrate on the basics. Finesse will come along as you learn.

One needs to understand the web a bit.

Traffic or visitors to your site would come when they can find a link to your site until your site is as famous as Yahoo or Google. But then you won’t need either those secrets or this article. More the links pointing to your site more visitors you will have. Where to install those links and how.

Install where potential visitors already visit. Where?

People looking for anything would use search engine invariably. It would be so good to submit your site to search engine and get listed in top. Sounds good but there are so many others doing the same. You have got bleak chances unless your product is unique.

Other method is to pay the search engine and get a priority listing. Still competition is high and so is the price. You will get the visitors and a dent in your pocket. But if you have a budget this can be tried. But again this is not so effective in the long run.

There is way to circumvent this. Search engines index the sites and rank the sites according to links pointing to the site and content of the site. They crawl the web and find the links to your site. Higher the number of links pointing higher your rank. Higher rank means better chances of getting traffic.

Links again! How do you get links?

There are many good methods. Write articles and let article sites publish them. Resource box containing your link will give you enough links to your site all over the web. Join forums and contribute to the discussion. You sig file will again leave good links.

People reading articles or visiting those forums will visit you. Search engines would notice them.

Publish a free e-book with cleverly incorporated links and let others use on their sites. You are automatically linked back.

Finally exchange links with the willing relevant partners. But choose your partners carefully. Search engines are smart enough to differentiate between good and bad links. Bad links are actually detrimental.

Internet is numbers game altogether. Everything you do should build that number of links. That is the secret around which every ‘magic secret’ revolves.

So it is time for work. Everything that needs to learn is always available in articles, free reports or forums. Just a bit of search on your part and every ‘How to…’ can be learnt.

Be patient. Like everything net business also needs time. There is nothing magical. As you grow and learn you will understand finesse.

Just don’t expect any more secrets. Because there won’t be. Except for the hard work on your part.

Stop wasting your money. Remember! Nothing happens overnight

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

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